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    THANK YOU! I suspect I am on a quest for something not available here in Canada. However, I very much appreciated your time, suggestions and contacts for widening my search. Excellent customer serivce may not always end in a sale, BUT it should always leave a memorable, favourable impression. Thanks for the awesome service and impression!

    - Karen Amaro
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    Continued great success and thanks for the excellent service and reliable products!

    - F. Bodo
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    Students need to save every penny when starting school! Thanks for all your support and getting our students a fab discount!

    - Mary Sich
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    I find it difficult to express the feelings of embarrassment and humiliation that a colostomy can bring on. When I first walked in The Medical Supply Store, the professionalism, knowledge and friendliness shown by the Manager and Staff helped me tremendously.

    Since then I have continued to order products I need, and on that phone call it is never more than 24 hours before I get the phone call saying that your order is in.

    Thank you for caring,

    - A. Pascoe
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    You guys were helpful. I’ve gotten everything I’ve asked for and was recommended. I am grateful for the deliveries as well.

    - B. Dunn